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Type your parag2021 Rules Highlights

1. Belts – 3 yrs (2018 oldest allowed)
2. Head/Neck – 5yrs (2016 oldest allowed)
3. Helmets SA2010 last year acceptance
4. Safety padding strongly encouraged including steering wheel pillow.
5. Hoosier 795 tire on the right side, required for all tracks(2021)

Ride Height requirement – 5in (occupied or with driver) (clarification for 2019)
Stiff penalties for non restrictor use at any time.  Inspections will occur randomly.

Weight Requirements – See Below
“B” series and up to 1.9 liter                                             2250lbs with driver minimum
2.o liter thru 2.4 liter                                                        2325lbs with driver minimum
K motor group                                                                  2425lbs with driver minimum
No Winter Tires for Eldora
2020  top 5 drivers will receive qualifying points 5,4,3,2,1 same as a heat race but only for fast 5.






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2021 Rules


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Click the  link below to print and/or view rules

2021 Final Rules.docx

​​​​Any questions, please contact Patrick Reed via email


​Drivers and teams thinking about running with VCTS,

we take safety very seriously.

​In 2021,YOU MUSThave an

- Approved Head and neck device (NO horse collars)

- Fuel cell

​- Racing wheels

- Approved helmet

- Safety harness, not out of date

​- Racing seat - full containment or containment kit MANDATORY

​- Race receivers are mandatory at ALL tracks.  Frequency 464.0125