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Type your parag2019 Rules Highlights

1.      Allowance of 2 additional cage mount locations for strength and rigidity
2.      Belts – 3 yrs (2016 oldest allowed)
3.      Head/Neck – 5yrs (2014 oldest allowed)
4.      Spoilers – Lexan only
5.      Ride Height requirement – 5in with no engine etc below 4
6.      Drilled/Slotted Rotors permitted
7.      K Series motors will carry 100lbs penalty (2425 base weight w/driver)
8.      Tuning, raising of rev limiter, will have a higher level of scrutiny.

All other 2018 rules/regulations remain in FULL effect
raph here.

Click the  link below to print and/or view rules


Any questions, please contact Patrick Reed via email


2019 Rules

​​VORES COMPACT TOURING SERIES powered by        Mercer County Electric

​2019...The Year of the FAN!!!!!of

​Drivers and teams thinking about running with VCTS,

we take safety very seriously.

​In 2019,YOU MUSThave an

- Approved Head and neck device (NO horse collars)

- Fuel cell

​- Racing wheels

- Approved helmet

- Safety harness, not out of date

​- Racing seat - full containment or containment kit MANDATORY

​- Race receivers are mandatory at ALL tracks.  Frequency 464.0125